Connecting PayPal for Payouts

Connecting PayPal for Payouts

1. Ensure your PayPal account is setup for business

Without your PayPal being set up for business you will not have the ability to enable payouts for PayPal.

If you are not already set up for business you will need to start the business set up and provide your legal business details.

2. Login into PayPal developer

To authenticate your PayPal account with the Vendor Consignment app you will need to create a developer app by logging into

3. Create a live app

To make live payments you will need to use credentials from a "live" app in PayPal.                                                                                  
If you want to make test payouts you can enter "sandbox" credentials in our app.
After clicking the "live" tab you will need to create a new app. It will prompt you to name your app. You can name this whatever you want.

4. Save your PayPal API credentials

Copy and paste the api key and api secret and paste them into our PayPal configuration page within our app.

After adding the api key and api secret to our app it will display "Valid" if the credentials are correct. If they show invalid and you know the keys are correct, you may need to start over by creating a new app in PayPal.

5. Enable Payouts for your PayPal account

Before you can perform a payout in our app, "payouts" will need to be enabled on your PayPal account.

Visit the "account eligibility" page and scroll down to the permissions table. If the "live" column for "Payouts" does not show enabled, you will need to enable this.

It will ask you for a reason as to why you need it enabled. You can give any reason you want, but you can copy the example reason below as well. This will usually be approved within 1-3 days.

Example Reason to Enable Payouts

To perform payouts to my vendors through a third party system.

6. Run a Payout

Congratulations! You should now be all set to run payouts through PayPal.

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