My consignor can't access vendor portal.

My consignor can't access vendor portal.

Below is a list of issues some vendors may come across and how to help them quickly resolve the issues. If you are unable to resolve the issue please reach out to our support team for further guidance. 

1. I forgot my password. 

If a vendor forgets their password, there are a few ways you can direct/help them recover their account. 
  1. They can send themselves a password reset link to the email associated to their account. While entering their email, please advise them to manually enter it as opposed to copying and pasting (hidden characters may unknowingly be present). If they don't receive their password reset email please have them also check their spam folder. 
  2. Store owners now have the ability to reset the password for vendor portals in the accounts tab. Click "edit account" next to the correct vendor account and select "change password." You can them send your vendors the email and password associated to their account. Once their account is recovered, they can now reset their password in their settings. 

2. I received an "invalid email" error message. 

  1. The first step is to verify the email they are trying to log in with is the one you have associated to their account. 
  2. Advise them to manually enter their email. As with the password reset, copying and pasting emails into the login fields may unknowingly add in hidden characters. 

3. I can't see my products. 

  1. This will happen if their vendor account is not linked to their vendor portal. You can link the two in the accounts tab. Select "edit account" next to the correct vendor and search for the vendor in the "add vendor" box. 
  2. If there are multiple vendor accounts linked to a vendor there will be multiple pages in the vendor portals. You can either unlink the vendor account that is not needed, or your vendor can page over with the drop-down box in the top right corner in the vendor portal. 

4. Vendor Portal won't load

  1. Make sure your vendor portal link is the displaying the correct domain. If not, please reach out to our support team to correct this. 
  2. Make sure your app proxy has not changed in your Shopify account. Here is our tutorial for information about checking your app proxy

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