Vendor Account Settings

Vendor Account Settings

There are a variety of settings that can be adjusted individually for your vendors. You can access your individual vendor account settings by selecting the vendor in your "vendors" tab and navigating to their setting page. 

Commission Rate - This commission rate will only apply to this vendor's products and will override your global commission rate and any product type commission settings. You will want to enter the commission rate you want your vendor to receive. 

Pay Type - This is a read-only field used to keep track of which payment method to use for this vendor. It will show up in the payout notifications sent to your vendors as well as the commission reports you export from the app. 

Calculate by Profit - If this box is checked, the app will calculate your vendor's commission on the profit earned for each product. It will take the sale price of the item, subtract the amount listed in the cost per item field, and calculate the commission rate on the resulting value. This feature is only available for percentage based calculations. 

Collects Tax - If checked, the app will add any tax collected from the sale of a product in Shopify and add it to the sale price before calculating the commission. 

Currency - This feature is relevant to stores that submit payments using our PayPal integration. PayPal will convert payouts to the currency listed in this setting. 

PayPal Email - If using our PayPal integration, please enter your vendor's PayPal email address in this field. This can also be added/updated by your vendor in their vendor portal settings. You can find more information about integrating with PayPal here

Tracking Codes - This is a specialty feature that can be used for affiliate marketing. If a discount code listed here is attached to a product, this vendor will be awarded a commission based on your commission settings. 

Hidden - This feature allows you to remove vendors from your vendors list, global commission calculations, and reports. 

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